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Many people believe great leaders are born, but I know from 20+ years of experience they’re wrong …

Great leaders are made and anyone who has the desire and determination can be one!

Have you been told you need to develop executive presence but given no insight how to go about developing it? 

Are you tired of being overlooked for promotions? 

Do you wish people would implement your ideas or recommendations?

Are you continually trying to get the resources or support needed to perform at your best?

Are you working longer and harder and not seeing benefits from it?

Does playing “politics” drive you nuts? 

If any of this rings true for you, you’re in the right place!

You want to leverage your talents to their fullest ability; you want to feel empowered to make decisions and move ideas forward and more than anything, you want to feel valued and respected.

Yet at the same time you’re feeling like this just isn’t possible … well guess what … IT IS!


I’m Tracy Paukstys and I work with motivated professionals like you to elevate their leadership effectiveness so they can truly Thrive In – not just Survive In – their careers.

Tracy Murphy Paukstys

Let’s be real … navigating the corporate environment can be daunting, time sucking and at times even down right maddening.

Maybe you’ve worked with a mentor, sought advice from colleagues or attended training to help boost your leadership abilities – yet despite making some process, you’re still not where you want to be.

Want to know what can help?

  • Clearly Defined Goals
  • Clarity On What’s Holding You Back
  • Consistent Follow-Through and Support

When you get clear about what you want, what’s in the way, take steps towards it and have support, truly amazing things happen.


  • Being the leader you know you can be and earning the respect you desire

  • Being able to identify the behaviors required to inspire and align people to your ideas or decisions

  • Having a solid internal network of people who can help you make things happen

  • Being able to control your time and set boundaries so you spend your time doing things that drive impact

  • Asking for what you need and getting it

  • Being able to confidently and concisely influence key stakeholders

  • Knowing exactly how to handle overwhelm, uncertainty and constant change

Imagine creating impact and results
Imagine creating the impact and results you know you’re capable of!

You’ll have all of this and more when you make the commitment to invest in yourself as a leader!


The High-Performance Leadership Coaching Academy

A virtual 10-month program for motivated professionals who want to be GREAT LEADERS, HAVE IMPACT, GET RESULTS and THRIVE IN their careers

Conducted online with me and a small group of other professionals, this program will provide you with:

  • Clarity, inspiration, practical actions and follow-through support to help you create the impact and results you want
  • Insight on key leadership topics
  • Guidance and support in actioning the insight you learn
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching with me

Click the link below to schedule a complimentary call with me to learn more and see if the High-Performance Leadership Coaching Academy is a fit for you.


This 10-month program includes:


Month 1:

  • Meeting 1: Introductions and Program Orientation
  • Meeting 2: Emotional Intelligence: Is yours helping or hurting you

Month 2: Leadership Disciplines, Behaviors and Habits

Month 3: Leadership and the Power of Perception

Month 4: Communicating Simply and Powerfully

Month 5: Managing Up

Month 6: Handling Overwhelm and Getting Control of Time

Month 7: Influencing with Impact

Month 8: Building Strong Relationships

Month 9: Thinking Comprehensively To Create Ideas & Solve Problems

Month 10: Graduation, Certificate of Completion and Taking Your Leadership Forward

General Meeting Format:

  1. Facilitator shares meeting outcomes and agenda
  2. Participants share and discuss progress and results achieved in past month
  3. Leadership topic content and discussion
  4. Dedicated meeting time and support from the group to help participants identify the right monthly goals and how to work towards them

If you’re wondering how this program is different than other leadership programs, that’s a great question. Most other leadership development programs don’t produce the results they’re intended to for a few reasons, they:

  1. Don’t define clear and measurable outcomes – this one does
  2. Are short-term focused without allowing time to implement and refine new strategies – that’s why this program runs over a 10-month period so you have time to implement and refine the new approaches you try
  3. Focus on theory and a set of leadership principles instead of on getting results. Other programs tend to cram a specific philosophy onto participants instead of leaving room for inquiry and exploration – that’s why there’s a Private LinkedIn Group for participants AND the first part of every meeting focuses on sharing results and discussing ideas and challenges with the group

Here’s What Past Participants Have Said About The High-Performance Leadership Coaching Academy

“Attending Tracy’s High Performance Leadership Coaching Academy enlightened me as to how my behavior/attitude was impacting my performance at work as well as how I was perceived by others. Each session Tracy presented a new topic and provided insight as to how our own behaviors and/or attitudes were impacting our work.

Tracy engaged the group in lively discussions where everyone was able to hear others real life experiences, which proved to be almost as helpful as the topics themselves. Tracy has so much experience in the corporate world and really makes you think about things from a different point of view.

I left each session motivated to improve on something and had created an action plan to ensure that I stayed on track. The beginning of the next session consisted of each member of the group sharing their results from the prior month. You learned what was working based on your own experience, and you were able to hear from the others in the group what they focused on improving and you were able to learn from their experiences as well – a double bang for your buck.

Not only did I walk away from this experience with a deeper understanding of how much control I had over my career, but I also walked away from it with some great new friends/peers!  I would highly recommend the investment in yourself and suggest signing up for the next round of Tracy’s High Performance Leadership Coaching Academy. I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

Nicolle F., IS Team Leader

“I followed Tracy’s Leadership blogs and was interested in joining the HPLCA program to hone my leadership skills – you can always improve no matter what stage you are at in your career. I also wanted to learn more about the program for recommendation for my team. I definitely learned some new tools and ways to be a better leader for my team. It also helped me to build an action plan for my personal development and next steps in my career. Tracy’s practical and customized approach was professional and motivational. The format to share with others and one on one coaching helped to solidify the learnings and hold me accountable. I would recommend this course for my team to help develop their own leadership skills!”

Ann T., Executive, Colgate-Palmolive

Still Wondering If The Program Is Right For You?
Here Are Answers to A Few Common Questions

Q: What if I can’t make one of the meetings?2020-10-16T15:36:59-05:00

A: In order to get the maximum value from the program, live virtual attendance is strongly encouraged. However, if you’re not able to attend a meeting, they will all be recorded and available for you.

Q: How much information will I have to share about my current situation and organization?2020-10-12T19:18:11-05:00

A:  Only as much as your comfortable with.  One of the key benefits of the program is getting perspective from other participants at different companies and in order for that to work everyone will need to agree to the “What’s said here, stays here” rule.

Q: Who else will be in the program?2020-10-12T19:29:19-05:00

A:  Selected participants will have shared goals around:

  • Becoming the best leader they can be
  • A deep desire to create greater impact and results for themselves and their organizations
  • Wanting to collaborate, share and learn from others

Stop Wishing Things Were Different

Take Action Now

Create the Impact and Results You Know You’re Capable Of!

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The 2021 program will serve a group of motivated professionals who truly want to Thrive In (not just Survive In) their careers!

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