Asking for help is sometimes intimidating or embarrassing. I know this is something that many of us struggle with, but why? Why is it so hard for us to ask for help?

Typically, it’s because deep down, we have some fear or concern that if we ask for help, there will be less than desirable consequences. Maybe we’re concerned we won’t be seen as self-reliant, or that we’re someone who can’t manage their time or that we’ll be bothering someone.

Everyone needs help… but the productive kind

The bottom line is that it’s virtually impossible to have a significant business impact and a fulfilling career without periodically asking for help. The sooner we start accepting this and begin to practice it, the more we and our businesses will start to thrive.

So, what creates these concerns or fears we have?

Typically, it’s our own beliefs.  So many of us have come to accept some common beliefs as absolute truths.

Things like “if I ask for help, I’m not independent, self-reliant, can’t manage time, or weak”. And honestly, I don’t know why we’ve attached such negative connotations around asking for help.

Really!? Are you not independent? Are you weak? Are you unable to manage your own time? I’m guessing not, so why continue holding on to these beliefs as if they’re absolute truths.

Go against the Norm

Well, in many cases it’s because it’s what we’ve always believed.

I say the heck with that! It is time to start thinking about asking for help in new ways that will empower us to ask for the support we want to achieve our goals.

THE NEXT TIME you’re faced with a situation where you know you could use some help, instead of letting those old beliefs rule the roost, try out a few of new ones.

  • Believe that if you ask for help it demonstrates you know yourself and what you’re good at and what you’re not.
  • Believe that asking for help indicates your desire to want to learn and grow
  • Believe that asking for help demonstrates you value the knowledge others bring to the table and want to make sure they do just that.

I know trying on these new beliefs won’t be easy, but this is all about changing the perceptions around asking for help. Think of it as the starting point for creating a new culture – one where it is absolutely acceptable to ask for help.

If you’re ready to try asking for help, here’s your first opportunity … schedule time to chat with me by clicking here.