Get Your Career Moving Again!

Are you considering a transition, are you looking for career possibilities and opportunities, or do you want to get away from the negative energy pulling you down and pinning you in place? Let’s get your career (and life) moving again!

We’ll reignite your excitement about your career, whether it’s a bit of a spin with more clarity on your current situation, or a completely new direction. We’ll give you the accountability and support you need to work through the challenges that come up as you reconsider your career, your leadership style and your goals. Together, we’ll advance through the following four phases to build a better, higher energy space, with less stress and no judgment, so that you can open your mind to a new future – and celebrate the successes.

Get your career moving

4 Phases of Career Development and Transition

Phase I: Create positive mindset

Phase I:

Create a More Positive and Expansive Mindset

In this phase you recognize the thoughts, beliefs, worries and/or concerns that create negative emotions for you and learn tools and strategies to counteract them.

  • You will take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and be debriefed on your results
  • Together with your coach, you will co-create 2-3 strategies and immediately apply them

Phase II:

Get Clear on You and Your Career Today

In this phase, you gain objectivity in looking at your own career so that together we can develop strategies for working through the real issues.  You’ll take a step back and look at your situation without judgment or emotional baggage and with support, resources and tools from your coach you will explore a variety of questions, including but not limited to:

  • What do you like and dislike about your current (and past) roles?
  • Is your current career path really where you want to be?
  • Is your current industry/company/role the best place/fit for you?
  • Are you in the right place, in the right role but need additional skills to be more effective?
  • How well do your values align with the company’s values?

Phase III:

Dive Deeper into You and the Creation of Your Career Vision

With renewed energy, a more expansive and positive mindset and an objective take on your career situation, we dive deeper into who you are as a person and what makes you tick and then we synthesize these insights with our Phase II insights and create your personalized career vision statement, one you can truly commit to.

Sample assessments, exercises, and tools we might engage in:

  • Interest Profiler
  • Career/Personality Assessments
  • Passions/Purpose Exercise
  • Values
  • Leadership Assessment
Phase IV: Create and work an action plan

Phase IV:

Create and Work an Action Plan to Achieve Your Vision

Now you know, clearly and without judgment, exactly what you need to flourish in your career. And that change is possible. In this phase we are ready to focus on the path to transformation, creating concrete, achievable steps where success is built in.

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