Leadership Coaching for Individuals or Groups

I work with emerging and experienced leaders, both individually and in group settings to achieve peak performance and deliver results using the 5D Coaching Process™.



What coaching is and isn’t

Goals/changes desired

Impact of achieving goals/changes



Use assessments and exercises to explore skills, competencies, strengths and beliefs and identify gaps preventing you from achieving you goals



Action plan and tactics to close gaps

Success metrics for monitoring performance



Execute the action plan

Build and leverage the skills, competencies, strengths, values, beliefs and behaviors needed to close gaps

Celebrate success or course correct as needed



Evaluate results based on success metrics

Discuss benefits or achieving goals/changes

Discuss next steps

All coaching programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each client and are typically 3-9 month engagements with many clients choosing to extend the coaching relationship beyond this initial period.

Benefits and Outcomes of the 5D Coaching Process

For Organizations:

  • Improved sales/revenue growth, market share, profitability, product/service quality and new product development
  • Help already strong leaders elevate their performance
  • Develop leadership competencies for high potentials and technical people
  • Enhance leadership competencies for experienced leaders
  • Help leaders better rise up to and resolve conflict
  • Improve success rate of new managers
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Reverse attitudinal and behavioral issues

For Individuals:

  • Faster promotions and greater productivity
  • Increased self-awareness of the perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back from stronger performance
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships
  • Support to improve leadership competencies; e.g. getting results, conflict management, delegation, team building, communication and influence etc.
  • Space to hear your own voice and gain perspective
  • Support and confidence to ‘lean in’ and make bold moves
  • Clarity on your values and what you stand for leading to greater conviction

Common Leadership Competencies Addressed with the 5D Coaching Process

High Performance Leadership Coaching Academy

Finally, a no-fluff leadership development program for managers that translates into measurable results.

The High Performance Leadership Coaching academy are small groups (8-15) of managers meeting monthly over a 1 year period with one purpose: Create significant measurable improvements in performance.

High Performance Leadership Coaching Academy

The program is conducted using relevant & practical content, coaching, facilitation, peer support and accountability all directly connected to each participants work situation and performance goals.

Benefits to participants and organizations:

  • Get measurable results
  • Develop leaders who have impact and can grow organizations
  • Lasting and sustainable improvements, not short-term gains

How it works:

  • Monthly 3-4 hour meetings over 12 months
  • Combination of best practices proven to engage managers and enable results
  • Over the course of the program participants are accountable for making serious performance gains
  • One-on-one coaching included
  • Each meeting focuses on one key leadership topic and participants are accountable for applying that topic to their jobs in ways that get results
  • Facilitated by an ICF certified leadership coach
  • Graduation celebration

Topics Covered in the High Performance Leadership Coaching Academy

Tracy Murphy Paukstys, Leadership & Career Empowerment Coach

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