In today’s fast paced ever changing business world it’s not unusual for individual contributors to be promoted to manager roles where they are leading teams and responsible for the work of others. However, it’s also common individual contributors don’t feel fully prepared for this transition making it intimidating and overwhelming.

Here’s the good news … this transition does not need to be intimidating or overwhelming.

You Can Learn and Master New Skills

Of course, there will be new skills to learn, things like team problem solving, delegating, mentoring, giving feedback etc. And there are some great resources to check out to help you learn and master these skills:

Remember, you were promoted for a reason and one of those reasons was likely because you demonstrated you could learn new skills, so remember, learning new skills is something you’re already well equipped to do.

Shifting Your Focus and Mindset Will Be Key

The biggest challenges many of us face when making this transition is shifting our focus and mindset.

Here are some additional great resources that can help with the transition:

While making this transition might seem intimidating and overwhelming, know it’s been successfully done by millions just like you and you can do it too.

Be sure not to discount or under-estimate what it will take to make it happen – use this blog and these resources to help you get started and reach out if there’s anything I can do to help make the transition even smoother for you:  [email protected].